Impact Solutions

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    Impact Solutions

    16 Abbotsinch Road

    +44 1324 489182

    Impact has extensive hands-on experience of most of the world-leading polyethylene and polypropylene manufacturing technologies and is highly qualified to lead Operational Excellence programs. Impact can audit and benchmark the quality and consistency of your products using proven Statistical Process Control techniques, coupled to strong operations expertise and Impact’s bespoke software—PlantHealth. Impact has successfully designed and delivered customised product improvement programmes for clients around the globe, improving capabilities significantly. delivering $MM improvements in very short time periods. Working with a major manufacturer of polyolefin’s in KSA, over 3 years has seen savings in the range of $5-$10 million per annum, with individual projects giving payback periods of under 1 year by: SPC Training: Making the language of SPC become part of company culture allows improvements to be tracked and future programs developed. Cp and Cpk values of under 1.0 are commonplace and Impact typically raises them to well above 1.0 across our customers grade slate without the use of APC. Using APC we have delivered values of 1.5 which compares well with the top quartile performers in the Industry. QC Laboratories: Delivering capability improvements and therefore confidence through training, process improvements, measuring capacity and supporting the implementation of ISO 17025. The QC lab must deliver reliable results consistently in order for the plant to produce the best quality products cost effectively. Supporting APC implementation: This requires good lower level control and a thorough understanding of the influence of a broad range of process parameters upon key product attributes. Impact’s independent experts can identify suitable opportunities, the best APC partner and project manage the implementation to ensure delivery of the full value in the shortest period of time. Specific projects including: Cracker yield optimisation Polyolefin catalyst choice and optimisation Polyolefin product development (R&D, TS&D) QC/QA Performance Improvement (polymers, refining, olefins) Customised Training Programmes To learn more about how Impact Solutions can support you , please contact Kevin Ross on +44 (0) 1324 489182 or



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